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ONE TEAM for ALL the HELP you need!

Sydney Homes and Gardens will do it for you!

Our team of experts have skills right across the board; we can help you with household work, gardening, landscaping, errands and even office technology.

Feel free to mix and match to suit your needs:

Maybe you've got a small lawn to keep tidy but a big mess you need sorted out in the garage? No worries! We'll take care of both for you on the one callout.

Or maybe you want your vegie patch cleared out and a table taken around to your sister's place? We're on it!

We can even help your Dad set up his PC to backup to the cloud, and then put together that set of Ikea shelves for him :)

We're your gardener, landscaper, handyman, helper, tech guy and pool boy...

We're your ONE-STOP-SHOP; we're all you need! Give Sydney Homes and Gardens a call right now!

Check out our services below to get an idea of just some of the ways we can help you spend more time doing the things you love, not the other stuff that gets in the way...

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Sydney Homes and Gardens can transform your home, office and garden and give you back your life :)

Spend your precious free time doing what you love, not boring chores. Enjoy the fruits of your labour without the hard work of keeping it all in order.

Sydney Homes and Gardens Gardening and Landscaping Services

Gardening and Landscaping Services

Keep your lawns, hedges and garden features looking perfect all year round

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Sydney Homes and Gardens Home Handyman and Renovation Services

Handyman and Renovation Services

We can help with repairs and renos inside and outside your home or workplace

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Sydney Homes and Gardens Office and Technology Services

Office and Technology Services

We have experts who can help with your home or office technology needs

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Sydney Homes and Gardens Other Services

Other Services

We're here to help with whatever you need, from decluttering to deliveries, or a bit of everything!

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Gardening and Landscaping Services


Garden and landscaping design

General garden maintenance, including weeding and mulching, mowing and edging, pruning and hedging, digging, raking, sweeping and leaf blowing, chainsawing, pressure washing, bamboo removal, plant purchase, delivery, planting and repotting, garden party setup, garden furniture cleaning and oiling, garden bed preparation, retractable hose installation, basic pool maintenance, garden cleanup, garbage collection and disposal


Garden and landscaping design

Design, construction and/or installation of garden features such as metal or sleeper garden edging, hardwood or softwood decking, paving, low retaining walls, garden path, garden shed, planter boxes, vegie patch, pest-proof netting, low voltage lighting, automated irrigation system, fire pit, garden seating, green wall/wall garden/vertical garden/hanging baskets, garden pond, water feature, gabion feature, cubby house or swing set

Maintenance of above, fence repair and replacement, cutting and stacking firewood or other timbers, BBQ setup, demolition and disposals

... and more!

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Handyman and Renovation Services

Outside The House

House exterior installations including gutter guards, fly screens, garage shelving, letterboxes, BBQs, retractable hoses, gates, even basketball hoops!

Renovations and maintenance including gutter and drain cleaning, painting and touch up, decking clean, oil and/or staining, pressure washing walls and paths
cleaning and oiling garden furniture, garage/shed decluttering/clear out, wash and clean vehicles and tools, minor repairs, parts replacement and maintenance of vehicles and tools, and garbage collection and disposal or council cleanup

Inside The House

Home maintenance and renovations, including wall and door repairs, window glass replacement, door replacement, painting and touchup, kitchen and bathroom resiliconing, furniture sanding, staining and oiling, ripout/demolition and disposal

Furniture delivery and assembly, installation of shelving, cabinets, drawers and cupboards, picture hanging

Decluttering and tidy up, council cleanup, dropoff to charity, setting up free ads on Freecycle, Gumtree or eBay

...and more!

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Office and Technology Services

Home Office / Small Business

Home office/small business layout and facilities interior design

Home office technology setup and support including personal computers, structured network cabling, wifi network setup, multiple monitors, wallmount monitors, network printer, network attached storage

Small business setup and support including Google GSuite, cloud backup, website domain registration and configuration, branded email address setup, website design and implementation, eCommerce store setup, social media setup, Google/Microsoft/social media advertising, email autoresponder and funnel setup and configuration, virtual telephone number setup and forwarding

Audio Visual

Audio visual design and installation

Installation and configuration of freestanding TV, wallmount TV, aerial cabling, amplifier and surround sound setup, home theatre setup, hidden wiring, digital video recorder setup e.g. FetchTV

Mobile phone setup and support

...and more!

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Mix and Match / Other Services

Feel free to mix and match any of our services in one job. We hire multi-talented experts and work hard to match the perfect person to each job.

And please feel free to ask us whether we can help with any other jobs which are not on the list!

How else can we help?

Dog walking and transportation
Shopping pickup/delivery
Courier/transportation service
General clean up/tidying/moving help

... and just about anything else you might need us to do!

What about specialist trades?

If we're not the best people to do a job for you, we'll tell you straight up, and we can find someone to help, and we can even coordinate all the work, if you like!

... just ask!

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Here's what our clients say

''My back yard looks just amazing. Asking for help was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks.''

Ari • Bondi

''I love that I can get help from Grahame and the team with just about anything I need done. Awesome!''

Adrian • Hunters Hill

''Grahame, you've got fantastic people skills, you're handy and practical, likeable, smart.''

Dean • Potts Point

Client examples

Sydney Homes and Gardens Client Garden

Work completed: garden design and installation, planter box installation, planting, mowing, edging, weeding, mulching, hedging, garden lighting installation, irrigation system installation, pond installation, trellis installation, kids play feature (boat) installation, outdoor furniture delivery and assembly, garage shelving installation, gutter cleaning, pressure washing walls and driveway, miscellaneous repairs, painting and regular maintenance.

Sydney Homes and Gardens Client Water Feature

Work completed: design and construction of a picket gate, sleeper side path, merbau feature platform, orange frame feature and a gabion basket water feature made with recycled sandstone.

Sydney Homes and Gardens Client Merbau Hardwood Deck

Work completed: installation of a merbau verandah using recycled decking and timber quad edging stained and oiled to match.

Sydney Homes and Gardens Recycled Jarrah Day Bed

Work completed: design and construction of a solid four poster day bed from recycled hardwood, recycled sandstone in gabion baskets, recycled metal gate backrest and recycled corrugated iron roof.

Sydney Homes and Gardens Client Fire Pit

Work completed: installation of a recessed fire pit with compacted crushed granite base - every back yard should have a fire pit for toasting marshmallows! :)

Sydney Homes and Gardens Website

Our own website! Work completed: business name registration, domain registration, website design, build and configuration, Google GSuite and custom email configuration, email autoresponder configuration, virtual telephone number configuration and forwarding

About our company

Sydney Homes and Gardens are an independent home, office, technology, garden and handyman service business based on Sydney's North Shore. We're a fully insured, registered private company. We've been running businesses since 2013, and we remain as committed to our client's satisfaction today as we were on day one!

We love to help make your life easier by getting as much done for you as we can during each callout. No need for you to find half a dozen different providers, just tell us everything you need done and we'll send someone along who can do it all!

If you want us to keep your lawn tidy every week, but it only takes 30 minutes to mow, don't worry! We can help you with deliveries, shopping, dog walking, we can fix your PC, set the time on the microwave, repot your flowers, take out the garbage, tidy and sweep out the garage - whatever needs to be done!

Sydney Homes and Gardens offers you the peace of mind you can't get from staring at the mounting list of jobs you need to get around to sometime.

How many weekends do you spend working around the home when what you really want to do is kick back with a drink with your friends and family?

Are you a strata manager or responsible for the upkeep of multiple properties? Of course, we'd be happy to help you ensure that your owners and tenants have a safe and well maintained public space, and attend to any issues they may have within their properties, too!

As a local business with a large network of experts who we can call on to help, we are very responsive and flexible to accommodate your needs.

And all revenues from this business stay in Sydney, spent with local businesses!

We look forward to serving you :)

Grahame Ewins, Owner

Competitive Rates


Fixed rate

We can quote a fixed price on any job!

  • Mix and match services

  • Fast response

  • From $150 to $5000

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    Blended rate

    For all types of jobs, whenever you need them

  • Mix and match services

  • Fast response

  • 7 days a week

  • Flexible hours

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    Regular/annual rate

    We can customise a schedule and rate for long-term clients

  • Flexible schedule

  • Customised offering

  • Reasonable rates

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    Minimum Callouts

    Sydney Homes and Gardens will do our best to accommodate any job, nomatter how small. However, we have preparation and travel overheads which mean that we can't economically travel all the way across Sydney for one small job.

    We can discuss this with you on the phone and we're sure that we can come to a reasonable outcome. Often, if you have a number of different types of jobs which need to be done inside and outside the home, they can be combined and everyone's happy - you'll be amazed at how much we can get done in a short period of time. Imagine, all those jobs you've been avoiding for years knocked on the head in one visit!

    And of course you can combine jobs with your neighbour or nearby friend, if you'd like - that's a great idea to allow you all to keep your hours down!